No, we do not offer touch up paint. However touch up crayons and markers are available at local hardware and home improvement stores in a variety of color packs. These types of kits are made especially for furniture which works well in touching up minor flaws.

There should be detailed instructions packed in your furniture, however, in the case that it is missing, please contact our customer service hotline 888-736-2141 or email: and we can email, fax, or mail you a copy of the instructions the same day (Same day before 5:00pm PST, or next business day). Please be prepared to provide the model number, or the product description, to ensure you get the proper set of instructions sent to you.

Each of our products are designed and engineered to hold various weight, depending upon the design. Every product has a weight limitation which is specified in the assembly instruction; please refer to your instruction manual for specific weight capacity limitations or contact our customer service team.

A customer's purchase of a Z-Line Designs product ensures them that they are purchasing one of the industry's finest RTA (Ready To Assemble) products. Some helpful suggestions to care for:

-Do not place very hot or very cold items on the glass surface(s) unless adequately thick table mats are used to prevent such items from coming into contact with the surface.
-Do not scrub to remove dirt or dust, use a soft cloth and gently rub the surface.
-Water can seep into the furniture and cause damage, so if you must use water, use very minimal/damp amount.
-Do not drag anything across the top surface, as it may scratch or leave marks, on the surface which can't be removed.

Please contact our customer service team via phone or email with the product model number, and/or description, and we can further assist in your parts or hardware needs.

Z-Line products are only available through our authorized retailer partners.

Please contact our customer service team, or look online in our Home Entertainment division, for the various TV stands and their size accommodations.

Please contact our customer service team and they can update you on the status of your order.

All our products are available to view online.

Every product is designed, engineered, and tested to pass specific requirements set forth for our customer's safety and product stability. We do not recommend, or advise, making alterations to your Z-Line product. Doing so will void your warranty.

Please refer to your product's assembly instructions for warranty information or contact our customer service team.

Our retail partners do not carry inventory of parts or hardware, please contact Z-Line customer service directly.

The model number for your Z-Line product is located on your assembly instructions, and on the carton box.

Please check your assembly instructions or contact our customer service for details of your warranty. We will need the model number, or product description/name. The warranty covers purchases by the original party from an authorized Z-Line retailer, not 3rd party purchases (i.e. purchased from a private party on an online website such as Craigslist, EBay, etc…).

Real woods and wood veneers will have visual differences due to the nature of the wood and grains. Through the hand staining process, we try to ensure the products are all stained to be an even color. However, due to the natural stain absorption of wood/veneers and the lighting of the environment, there will be some variances.

Dependent upon the product purchased, Z-Line will specify if a product is crafted of real wood and/or wood veneers on the carton packaging. We offer a large variety of product designs in various materials, some of which are wood and wood veneers, and others are manufactured with laminate, metal and glass. Please contact our customer service if you require clarification on the materials used.

Veneer (wood veneers) are thin slices of wood, usually very thin that are glued to the core panels of the product to produce the overall "solid" wood appearance.

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